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Plant Profile 

  Lantana Bandana Cherry Sunrise PPAF


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Categories: Shrubby Groundcover

Zone: 8-9-10-11-13,24 Annual all zones

Height:  20 to 26"  30" wide

Light: Full Sun



4 or More Colors on Every Bloom! The Bandana? series boasts the largest flowers ever seen on a Lantana! Plant Patent Applied For. The Bandana? series has revolutionized Lantana growing, with its huge blooms that change colors as they mature. Cherry Sunrise is one of the most exciting colors, because its flowers combine 4 or more colors: yellow at the center, followed by a ring of apricot, another of pink, and an outer circle of bright crimson!Much larger than other Lantanas, these blooms really stand out! Yet the plant itself is quite compact -- 20 to 26 inches high and about 2 1/2 feet wide. In the annual bed it makes a fine spreading groundcover, and in containers it trails agreeably, tossing up blooms as it goes.Cherry Sunrise is hardy in zones 8-11, where the plant can be mowed down in autumn and will reappear in spring. North of zone 8, it is a very long-blooming annual, worthy of your best sunny spot! And if you like Cherry Sunrise, you'll love Bandana™ Pink."


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